60th Biennial Covention August 23rd-26th 2013

60th Biennial Convention
Crowne Plaza Hotel
710 Genesee Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
August 23rd -26th, 2013.
Coming Soon, Photographs

Junior Past High Chief Ranger: Bro. Brian A. Robertson, P.H.C.R.

High Court Chief Ranger : Bro. Reuben Best, P.H.C.R.

High Court Sub Chief Ranger: Bro. Aubrey V. Thompson, P.C.R.

High Court Permanent Secretary: Bro Lionel DAC Cutting, P.H.C.R

High Court Treasurer: Bro.Ronald Mahon, P.H.C.R.

High Court Secretary: Sis. Lola Assanah, P.H.C.R.

High Court Senior Woodward: Bro. Clairmont Wilson, P.D.C.R.

High Court Junior Woodward: Sis. Florence Holder, P.C.R.

High Court Senior Beadle: Sis. Joyce Mahon, P.C.R

High Court Junior Beadle: Sis. Eudelle Vaughn, P.C.R.

High Court Herald: Bro. LAB Assanah, P.H.C.R

High Court Chaplin: Bro. Wilton Lashley, P.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Sis. Claudette Ward, P.H.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Sis. Jacqueline Williams, P.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Sis. Angella Trotman, P.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Bro. Ronald Joseph, P.C.R.

High Court Trustee: Bro. Austin R. Thompson, P.C.R.

High Court Trustee: Sis. Diane Barker, P.C.R.

High Court Trustee: Sis Beula Grrainger, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Bro. Brian Robertson, P.H.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Sis. Carmen Fenty, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund:  Bro. Stanislaus Shortt, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Bro. Raymond Maynard, P.D.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Sis. Natalie Sandiford, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Sis. Sandra Rosario, P.C.R.
Subsidiary High Court of the Atlantic, Central and Southern States of the U.S.A.

The High Chief Ranger

Bro. Reuben Best
Court Waverly # 8868

Court Concordia #10277

The Phoenix Rises from The Ashes.
The Subsidiary High Court Foundation Fund

Bus Ride to Bally's Atlantic City
Sat. April 26, 2014
Bus Leaves 8;00 AM
Corner of Utica & Lincoln Place
Tickets: $45.00 + Bonus