60th Biennial Covention August 23rd-26th 2013
61st Biennial Convention
Radisson Hotel Riverside
120 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 13210
August 28th -31st , 2015.

Junior Past High Chief Ranger: Bro. Brian A. Robertson, P.H.C.R.

High Court Chief Ranger : Bro. Reuben Best, P.H.C.R.

High Court Sub Chief Ranger: Bro. Aubrey V. Thompson, P.C.R.

High Court Permanent Secretary: Bro Lionel DAC Cutting, P.H.C.R

High Court Treasurer: Bro.Ronald Mahon, P.H.C.R.

High Court Secretary: Sis. Lola Assanah, P.H.C.R.

High Court Senior Woodward: Bro. Clairmont Wilson, P.D.C.R.

High Court Junior Woodward: Sis. Florence Holder, P.C.R.

High Court Senior Beadle: Sis. Joyce Mahon, P.C.R

High Court Junior Beadle: Sis. Eudelle Vaughn, P.C.R.

High Court Herald: Bro. LAB Assanah, P.H.C.R

High Court Chaplin: Bro. Wilton Lashley, P.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Sis. Claudette Ward, P.H.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Sis. Jacqueline Williams, P.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Sis. Angella Trotman, P.C.R.

High Court Auditor: Bro. Ronald Joseph, P.C.R.

High Court Trustee: Bro. Austin R. Thompson, P.C.R.

High Court Trustee: Sis. Diane Barker, P.C.R.

High Court Trustee: Sis Beula Grrainger, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Bro. Brian Robertson, P.H.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Sis. Carmen Fenty, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund:  Bro. Stanislaus Shortt, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Bro. Raymond Maynard, P.D.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Sis. Natalie Sandiford, P.C.R.

Foundation Fund: Sis. Sandra Rosario, P.C.R.
Subsidiary High Court of the Atlantic, Central and Southern States of the U.S.A.

What's Happening
Our Courts

Bus Ride to Resorts Casino
Atlantic City
Sat. August 23, 2014
Bus Departing 8:00 AM
Corner of Utica & Eastern Parkway
Tickets: $45 + Bonus
Court Trinity #10197
Bus Ride to Caesar's Casino
Atlantic City
Sat. August 9, 2014
Bus Leaves 8;00 AM
Corner of Utica & Lincoln Place
Tickets: $45.00 + Bonus